I was born in Germany, raised in Kansas, went to college in Tennessee, and moved to New York City on a coin flip (yes, really).

I'm Anthony Foster, and I'm a Director of Design. I have 11 years of experience in in marketing, branding and strategy, advertising, and product development, building great apps and websites for small startups and major brands. I've specialized in User Experience and Interface design, but I've touched everything from illustration to front-end development to paper engineering.

Currently, I work at Loeb Enterprises, an incubator that works with startups to handle their technology and marketing needs. I run a team of three UX/UI designers, who help perform research and testing, create user flows and wireframes, and design apps and websites. My goal every day is to consult with startups and provide the best knowledge and skillset I have to ensure their product or service is seen and loved.