Columbia Property Trust

Building value.

We re-branded a commercial real estate investment firm for the modern era.

The Brief

Putting up a new facade

Wells REIT II, a typically solid and trusted investment with almost-certain returns, suffered a major blow in the winter of 2012. As new management came in, they wanted to show the world (and their investors) that they were an entirely new company with new goals, and looking toward the future with fresh eyes.

From confusion to clarity

"Wells REIT II" is not a typical, friendly name for a business endeavor, and so the Georgia-based company committed to hearing from their employees what they wanted to be. Knowing what they could represent, and believing that a good company has to be able to stand behind its name, Wells REIT II went about brainstorming within their own walls.

What emerged was Columbia Property Trust, and working with our branding firm, Thackway McCord, we quickly set to work creating a new look for the well-aged company. Our team drew hundreds of concepts for logos, finally whittling down to a strong eight concepts for the new board to review. Their choice reflected a new style of transparency and kinetic energy, bringing a new focus to the market of office real estate.

Building from the ground up

As we continued, the brand continued to evolve in a number of ways, including annual reports and internal documentation, catalogs, a searchable website with access login, and signage. Columbia Property Trust felt their new brand, colorful and clean, was something proud to stand behind.

One of the key elements, we felt, was new photography that showcased their buildings in extraordinary ways. Our firm sent him around the United States to eight cities to photograph specific buildings. The above photo was our trickiest shot, as we had to convince the National Archives in Washington DC to allow him up to the roof at night.