It’s payback time.

We helped find the brand vision and voice for a new company that was eager to help students find gig-economy jobs to pay back their debts.

The Brief

Financial freedom, gig by gig

LateShift was a brand new startup with a brand new name, but no idea how to approach its market. My team helped early on with their branding efforts, figuring out how to position another young adult-focused debt service in a market flooded with loans for everything from college and houses to hot tubs and horses.

What’s in a name?

After an unfortunate first pass at a name that came too close to a trademark in London, a new startup came around and loved the name LateShift. Our team winced at first, finding the concept a little difficult to swallow. How do you make something that is an ordeal like "the late shift" become something fun and interesting?

We went through numerous attempts, but finally came across an idea that seemed to resonate well: let's make the late shift seem like you're working during the neon-colored night life that exists in major cities.

Finding a brand in the dark

Creating the brand for LateShift went through a few iterations, and nailing the perfect logo meant doing a lot of research. LateShift itself had no specific or direct competitors, but my team was tasked with looking around in similar spaces—student and bank loans, debt consolidation, and collection agencies to name a few—and finding what was working.

Collaborating with the business team, we eventually focused on a mark that focused on time, using a clock and its surrounding negative space to create a clean, sleek look that would adapt well to the neon look of a night shift.

Establishing a new, electric feel gave us a lot of room to explore the branding in a new light. While most startups were striving toward an agnostic, clean feeling, we would attempt to show that working "the late shift" would open the intended audience to new adventures.

We established an illustation style early in to support the initial rounds of stock photography that would be used. It heavily featured a cool, neon color scheme that stood out well on a pure black or white background, allowing an easy switch between themes of day and night.